Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rooney: I want to play for Fergie to the end of my career..

The media started to write that Rooney and Sir Alex is not in the best relationships, since the attacker was dropped from the team's game against Blackburn.

Then there were rumors that said that Manchester United are ready to sell England, but the club, Rooney and Ferguson immediately denied it.

Rooney is now once again reiterated his faith, and says he wants to play under Fergie at the end of his career.

"Sir Alex is the best manager of all time. Of course I want to play under his guidance by the end of his career. "- Said Rooney.

"He's a great manager, and a big reason why I decided to move to Manchester United."

"As I stated earlier, in my eyes is the best. His success and won trophies speak for themselves. He is an amazing manager and has done a lot for football and for my game. "

"His commitment to work everyday, it makes you stand out from the rest."

"He comes every morning before the players, and leaves last. His loyalty, the desire to win and dedication is incredible.