Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ferguson: How we managed to lose!?

Sir Alex Ferguson did not know how to explain the defeat of Liverpool in the FA Cup match in which Juanjted dominated most of the time.

 Danel Ager led the hosts ahead in the 21st minute, Park and catch up in 39 th. The match seemed to end when the draw Kajt hit two minutes to the end, to lead Liverpool 2-1.

"I do not know how we lost." - Ferguson told MUTV and on ITV1. "We played very well. But this is the FA Cup and these things happen, you make one mistake and you lose the match. A stroke is because they do not deserve this."

"We played better and I am satisfied with my players. I played well and dominated the field. Not deserve to be defeated. Maybe I should get the game because we were the better team."

"This is the FA Cup is not the first time such things happen."

Red Devils controlled the match, had a better possession of the ball and a few good chances for goal. Ferguson believes that United play good deserve a better reward, but he is extremely disappointed with the goals that we receive.

"Both goals could be prevented. We have not defended well. Too many defenders around the goalkeeper for the first goal. For the second, it was just one of those lucky chances we get."

"Movement without the ball was great today and Park equalizer goal was excellent. I think it was when we started to control the match."

"I went to victory [second part] - because Chicharito put it into play. It gives you energy and pace on the edge of the penalty area, something that is difficult to handle."

"It's hard to believe that he lost the match."


  1. I love Ferguson ;D

  2. That's what happens when you don't take your chances. Good finish from Kuyt.