Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ferguson: How we managed to lose!?

Sir Alex Ferguson did not know how to explain the defeat of Liverpool in the FA Cup match in which Juanjted dominated most of the time.

 Danel Ager led the hosts ahead in the 21st minute, Park and catch up in 39 th. The match seemed to end when the draw Kajt hit two minutes to the end, to lead Liverpool 2-1.

"I do not know how we lost." - Ferguson told MUTV and on ITV1. "We played very well. But this is the FA Cup and these things happen, you make one mistake and you lose the match. A stroke is because they do not deserve this."

"We played better and I am satisfied with my players. I played well and dominated the field. Not deserve to be defeated. Maybe I should get the game because we were the better team."

"This is the FA Cup is not the first time such things happen."

Red Devils controlled the match, had a better possession of the ball and a few good chances for goal. Ferguson believes that United play good deserve a better reward, but he is extremely disappointed with the goals that we receive.

"Both goals could be prevented. We have not defended well. Too many defenders around the goalkeeper for the first goal. For the second, it was just one of those lucky chances we get."

"Movement without the ball was great today and Park equalizer goal was excellent. I think it was when we started to control the match."

"I went to victory [second part] - because Chicharito put it into play. It gives you energy and pace on the edge of the penalty area, something that is difficult to handle."

"It's hard to believe that he lost the match."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ferguson: "Velbek only to strengthen up and would be prefect ! "

Sir Alex Ferguson believes that the only problem is Danny Velbek physical force and that the young Englishman will have to work hard to become a top player.

 Behind Velbek a great season in the last six matches and scored four goals failed to fight for a spot in the starting composition leaving the bench Chicharito and Berbatov.

Alex Ferguson revealed that Danny Velbek had little problems with evolution to his 16 years.

"We have always been aware of his qualities. He now has just a problem with the physical sila.Koga was only 16 years had knee problems since grown rapidly," said Fergie.

"Now Danny has grown into a real chovek.Kje just need a little more work on the physical strength to become a complete player," said Ferguson.

Velbek has 21 years, and last season he spent on loan at Sunderland, where he played great.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pele: When Messi will achieve 1283 goals and won three World Cups, will discuss...

According to many of Barcelona star is currently the best footballer on the planet, and there are a number of football fans who think Leo Messi is the best player in history.

However, Pele, who won the World Cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970 and to be called the best player in history, it agrees with the conclusion that Messi is on his level.

Brazilian legend, in an interview with Le Monde again says Messi is far behind him.

"He's a great player. But when the Messiah would achieve 1283 goals and won three World Cup titles, we can talk. "- Pele said.

"Records are there to break down, but it will be difficult for anyone to break my record."

"People constantly ask me when you see the new Pele, but it never happened."

Pele also criticizes Messi for games that shows in the guise of 'Gauchosite'.

"He is a big player in the jersey of Barcelona, ​​but when playing for Argentina has the same success."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Barcelona still dominates the Santiago Bernabeu, Real powerless..

New dominance of Barcelona duels against Real Madrid, Pep Guardiola's team provide a significant victory at the Santiago Bernabeu on which there are great chances of ranking in the semifinals of the King's Cup.

Jose Mourinho again powerless in duels with Pep Guardiola, the Portuguese set up a defensive tactic that did not work according imagined.

Real Madrid in El Clasico this first came to lead, but failed to maintain the advantage.

Mourinho decided to give him a chance as Altintop right back and in midfield put Alonso, Pepe and Diarra.

And it proved a winning combination at the start, because already in the 11th minute goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid's 1-0 lead.

But Guardiola players found holes in the defense of Kings.

So Sanchez stroke his head hit the crossbar of the goal Casillas, and one dangerously threatened and Messi and Iniesta in the first half.

The story continued in the second half, Barca team that had dominated the field and created opportunities for a goal.

In 49th Carles Puyol minute to level the head with the 1-1 defense of mistake of Real Madrid which is not sufficiently heeded the captain of Barcelona.

Iniesta could take a lead for Barca, but his kick blocked by Ramos ended the post.

A similar threat on the opposite side, bobbing his head Benzema, stativata ally Pinto.

In 77th minute wonderful assistance from Massey to Abidal who achieved a complete turnaround goal for Barcelona and win 2-1.

Competition is full of fighting and rough play, and celebration are nesportskite Pepe gestures that deliberately trampled Massey, and that without Koentrao hit Argentine star of Barcelona.

Great greetings from the Barca players for the 41st Pep Guardiola's birthday.

Jose Mourinho will be extremely difficult mission to Camp Nou to find the formula for ranking in half finals of the Cup of the King.

In today's first match of the Cup, Athletic Bilbao 2-0 beating over Mallorca.

Lecce has confirmed the transfer of Mesba in Milan !

Media in Italy a few days ago announced that Milan is very close to the 27 year commitment of Algeria midfielder, who can act as a left back and left wing.

Lecce today with a brief statement svojvata website confirmed that Dzhamel Mesba career will continue at the San Siro.

It shows that Mesba will sign a contract with Milan with durability to 30. June 2015, but the champion of Italy still has not announced details of the deal.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Everton bought Gibson!

North Ireland midfielder, twenty-four midfielders Daron Gibson's new reinforcements of Everton, and the ranks of the club from Liverpool comes from Manchester United.

Everton announced Friday that the player raised in the academy of "red devils" and signed four polgodishen agreement, specifically to 30th April 2016.

Gibson is the first amplifier ovosezonsko edinaesetplasiraniot team in the Premier League, whose leader is David Mojs. Financial details have not yet been published.

In previous career in Gibson jersey of Manchester United reaped 60 appearances and scored ten goals while.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Guardiola: Maxwell wants to go in PSG !

Brazilian move to Camp Nou from Inter in 2009 but failed to win a regular place in the starting composition of the Catalans.

At today's press conference ahead of the rematch game against Osasuna in the Copa del Rey, Pep Guardiola revealed that Maxwell will travel to Pamplona for a quote from PSG.

Barcelona strategist said: "Maxwell will not be part of a team, we say that there is an offer from PSG and willing to accept."

"If we fail to agree, will not stand in the way and will not let go."

"Negotiations are at an advanced stage but not yet completed. If you stay we'll be happy. If you leave, thank you for the current contribution. "

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rooney: I want to play for Fergie to the end of my career..

The media started to write that Rooney and Sir Alex is not in the best relationships, since the attacker was dropped from the team's game against Blackburn.

Then there were rumors that said that Manchester United are ready to sell England, but the club, Rooney and Ferguson immediately denied it.

Rooney is now once again reiterated his faith, and says he wants to play under Fergie at the end of his career.

"Sir Alex is the best manager of all time. Of course I want to play under his guidance by the end of his career. "- Said Rooney.

"He's a great manager, and a big reason why I decided to move to Manchester United."

"As I stated earlier, in my eyes is the best. His success and won trophies speak for themselves. He is an amazing manager and has done a lot for football and for my game. "

"His commitment to work everyday, it makes you stand out from the rest."

"He comes every morning before the players, and leaves last. His loyalty, the desire to win and dedication is incredible.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New victory for Inter in the enrollment of the new year !

Nerazzurri great run in the new year with a convincing 5-0 have comprehended the team of Parma.

The result opened Diego Milito in the 13th minute after the assistance of Alvarez.

Only five minutes later Thiago Motta turned nacheka a ball and shot from distance increased to 2-0.

At four minutes before the end of the first part, Diego Milito achieves a goal with a nice head convincing margin of 3-0.

After ten minutes of play in the second part, Pacini increased to 4-0, and 5-0 was the final act of the pharaoh in the 79th minute, who scored a wonderful goal.

Lazio unexpectedly convincingly defeated 4-0 in the presence of Siena.

Two goals achieved for Destro and Klaio hosts.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Messi arrived in Barcelona, tomorrow probably will not play !

World's best footballer Lionel Messi even yesterday afternoon return to Barcelona from extended vacation in his native Argentina.

Although, according to previous announcements, the Catalan capital Massey had to return to the New Year yesterday worked to his first training with his teammates, there was a further change of plan, and the cause is not known. In any case, 24-year-old immediately after landing the Barcelona Airport "El Prat" a taxi headed to club training center and worked workout that lasted 45 minutes.
Massey will now train with his teammates under the supervision of coach Pep Guardiola, who their best player, probably will save performance in the first game in osminafinaleto the Royal Cup, in which Barcelona welcomes Osasuna tomorrow.