Sunday, February 5, 2012

United fight for the point of presence in Chelsea

Champion of England has a bad tradition when it comes to guests from the Stamford Bridge, where there is no victory 10 years in the Premier League.

Such poor statistics will remain after this match, but elected to Sir Alex Ferguson can be satisfied by what you showed today's match.

Chelsea's lead in the 36th minute own goal of Evans, who unhappily to place the ball into his net while trying to Sturridge to proigra any of his teammates in the United peterecot.

At the start of the second half, the hosts increased the advantage with beautiful volej blow Mata, in the 50th minute Chelsea already had an 3-0 through goals of Louise.

And when it seemed that the 'Blues' will rejoice at three points, elected Sir Alex Ferguson made a fantastic comeback.

In the 58th minute of meeting Rooney dropped to 3-1 Mon accurately derived penalty after penalty in Chelsea was fouled Euros.

Ten minutes later, Rooney odnvo accurate shot from the white point, after the most severe sentence he imposed on Howard Web prekrshkot over Velbek.

Equalize came in the 84th minute after Hernandez found alone in peterecot and head beat Cech for 3-3.

By the end of the meeting a chance to hit and had the players of Chelsea and Manchester United players. But Cech, especially De Gea, were at the height of the task, so both teams had to settle for one point.

The first match today, beating Newcastle 2-1 in a duel with Aston Villa.

Returnee to the team at Newcastle, Demba Ba opened the score after a half hour game, but finish the first half, Robbie Keane equalized at 1-1.

Three points for 'Chavkite' provide new reinforcements Papis Cisse, who in the 71st minute of his debut in the guise of Newcastle, enrolled in the list of shooters and bring three points for the home team.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ferguson: Players know what to do !!!

Games against Chelsea in the Premier League were anything but enjoying the last 5 years, but Sir Alex is hopeful that the situation will change the Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

  2-0 victory over Stoke on Tuesday night and the defeat of the City of Everton's smooth two clubs from Manchester to the top of the table. Sir Alex knows the importance of a positive result on Sunday.

"We play very well in the guest this season, we have to keep that form and now," said 'head' for Inside United.

"We have many important competitions in guests; Chelsea, Spurs and City. It will be crucial matches."

"Chelsea matches in the last few years were very difficult for us. In some of them had no chance and wore it to a disastrous result."

"I hope we will manage to overcome it. The players know what to do. I know their responsibilities, standards and expectations of the club. We must bring those things to the game."