Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Manchester City have to sell twenty players

English Premier League by the end of the season will have to sell only twentyplayers who have under contract in order to comply with new financial rules of UEFA.

"Sunday Telegraph" conveys the news that the leading club in the Premier Leaguecurrently has under contract 63 professional players, and by next summer wants tofigure dropped to 40.
A recent financial report states that the City stands to pay £ 174 million, up 21 million more than revenue.
City has even 23 players on loan to various clubs, and realizes that it is not really a model for work if he wants to comply with new rules of UEFA.
While some of these players are sent to other clubs to perfect, others are sent on loan in the hope that they will be found a suitable buyer.

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  1. The new UEFA rules are so restricting, let then play !

    -anon mouse